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Ease the load off your back.

If you own or work a tautliner truck or trailer with gates you will be aware of the problems associated with the demanding task of removing and replacing these sometimes heavy items a number of times during the working day, including the wear and tear it can cause on your back and where to put them once removed.

Our hanging gate system can make the removal of heavy gates a thing of the past! Our design has been developed to help minimise the possibility of ANY back stress and costly injuries, which can occur when handling heavy gates while loading and unloading the vehicle.

As the gates are attatched to the body or trailer, the problem of finding a area to place them during the loading and unloading process is solved. Simply lift the gates from its mounting and slide it out of the way along the track attatched to the roof. The gate will safely and securely hang by the PVC coated wire cable.

What Are The Benifits & Features.

> Dramatically reduces heavy manual lifting.

> Designed to accelerate loading and unloading.

> Reduce the risk of potential back injury.

> Prevents the chance of theft as gates are attatched to the vehicle / trailer.

> No sharp surfaces to cause curtain damage.

> Prevents the cost of retrieving or replacing lost or damaged gates.

> Permanently suspended gates mean less chance of damaging the body, gates and curtains.

> Prevent OH&S workplace issues.

> All at an affordale cost.

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